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Debbie Doctofsky-Solomon
Debbie Doctofsky-Solomon
Children’s Book Author ~ Leading an Expedition in Learning
Children’s Book Author ~ Leading an Expedition in Learning

Silvia discovers art at a young age. Her parents work for an important Italian company producing fine art materials. Since she was a child, Silvia loved drawing.

After the Scuola Media, Silvia decides to attend the Liceo Linguistico W. Shakespeare in Crema, a school specializing in foreign languages where she learns English, French and German. After that she attends a High School for interpreters and translators, where she also learns Dutch.

Nonetheless, she never gives up her dream and attends Gianfranca Baldini’s painting studio, where she learns various techniques such as painting on ceramic, glass and clothes, acrylic, oil and watercolor painting.

She takes part in several auctions organized by Mrs. Baldini; all the money earned is given to charity. In January 2008, she displays some works in Palazzo Spinola in Genoa during the exhibition Capolavori in miniatura. In November 2008, she exhibits her work at Galleria del Bracolo, Rome, during the exhibition "Paesaggi dell'Inconscio". In 2008, she also wins two literary contests with 2 of her childrens' tales.

The first contest is organized by Edizioni Settenote and Silvia wins third place with "L'Ispettore Scheggia e il mistero della chiave di Sol".

The second contest is organized by Badiglione Editore and she wins second place with "Scherzi del Destino". In July 2009, she displays her work in Desenzano del Garda, during the exhibition "Passato, presente, futuro". In 2011, she publishes two other children's books with Edigiò, Vidigulfo-Pavia. In 2011-2012 she works as an illustrator for Little Pearl Books, New Dehli, India.

Silvia Dotti - Illustrator
Milan, Italy

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Artwork from Journey to the River Perfumes.

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